Afriot Smart Utility Meters

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Smart Utility Metering Solutions

Beating Water Loss with Technology

Commonly physical visits of utility agents required for taking readings from residential water meters. The absence of systematic consumption monitoring leads to the inability to understand consumer’s behavior and consumption patterns fully. Besides problems concerned with fraudulent usage and fast leak identification are challenging to the utility companies.

The advantages of the remote water meter monitoring for the utility are well-found by the example of remote electric meter reading.

The main benefits of the smart water system are the provision of accurate and regular readings to the centralized metering application, freed-up personnel and avoiding a human factor from the data collection, processing, and billing. Additional profit is introduced by the quickly leaks identification wich allows to prevent substantial water losses or property damages

Smart Parking Solutions

Knowing where to park without searching

Effective parking management enables drivers reducing the frustrations and find free parking space quickly. In addition, it helps to reduce oxygen dioxide emission and minimise traffic jams. Wired car parking sensor systems are pretty costly for installation on a wide area.

Installed parking occupancy sensors send a signal to the base station when a vehicle gets into a parking lot or departs. Base station able to handle signals from millions of sensor in the area and send data to the servers applications. The data from these applications can be utilized right away. AFRIoT servers can be connected to a third party’s parking application via Afriot API